today’s trick roundup

first up we have a proper mini edit from Congo with WOLFDRAWN, with some super legit riding in there. Filmed in one morning at the skate park, we see plenty of 360’s, switch 180’s, grinds, nose manuals, everything! the combo on the cheeseblock at 0:56 is super impressive, wow

next up we have the Skavenger BMX promo 08 I spied on WRAHW. As you can tell it’s not the most recent video but I watched it and thought it was super hood and quite rad, check it out if you want to see some hood gnarly stuff, it’s madness

finally, here’s a photo straight outta Bmore Fixed, Christina hopping bars captured by Keith Teket. I think some people might be all like, we see bar hop photos all the time, blah blah just because she’s a girl, but I don’t care, I’ve never seen a girl do a bar hop, it’s radical

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