Three Interesting Videos

I might start doing regular Three Interesting Videos posts (TIVs), similar to the trick roundups, to stop filling up the whole page. Anyway, first up we have another beauty from the California is a place project, this time focusing on the hub of Ping Pong in California, the ICC in Milpitas. It’s a really interesting watch with really beautiful photography and a good choice of soundtrack. It might not be bikes but it’s definitely worth a watch! Thanks to Dr. T Fast for sharing this

here’s a video entitled “ankle reintroduced to leg” that I saw over at Flwrider. To be honest it’s kind of gruesome, but the dude deals with the relocation of his ankle rather well. Reminds me of the time I was jacked up on anesthetic and laughing gas with two grown men pulling my little finger apart, good times.

and finally we have a video I found hilarious, Flwrider dubbed it “MASH (HK style)”. It seems far to realistic to be fake, but they’re zuupin’ across a proper junction on office chairs and stuff right? mate, proper nutty. gotta love it


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