ESBs 14 to a crate

We got the initial batch of production model hand tig-welded ESBs in the shop the other day, 14 ESBs to a crate… coincidence? I think not. These are looking pretty special, with a few differences to previous models in changed tubing, added gussets, changed dropout design & material… more info to come soon!

It’s all mysterious in black, Chris Delia helps me cut them free from their plastic cocoon whilst Odge documents from above

We like to think that they looked like pistons in an engine, hopefully they’ll be pumping really soon! cheesaay or what? clean bottoms too

Ted assesses the situation, checking out his offspring approvingly. Don’t be mistaken by his unreadable facial expression, he’s stoked!

We are really happy with the welding, it’s all done in the UK, all handmade. It was important for not to out-source the production to Taiwan, whilst still being able to make them affordable for the people who are going to be riding them!


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