today’s trick roundup

first up we have a quick edit from gagefoo of trick track, end of summer bummer, I feel you on that name right there. euych. It starts off a little slow but there are good spots and really impressive stunts, 180 bar at 0:50 is mad clean!

next up we have a Brooklyn Machine Works one-off photographed by John Watson. The distinguishing feature on this otherwise normal BMW launchpad frame is the 130mm rear spacing, which allows running a larger q-factor crank without compromising chainline and also would make for a sturdier wheelset. We have played with the idea of 130mm spacing on the ESB and polo framesets (and it remains a possibility for the future) but the current choice in 130mm fixed hubs is limited (something we may also be working on in the future as well!) but I’m glad that someone has just gone and done it. Expect to see more 130mm fixed freestyle frames in the future, it’s inevitable

finally we have a couple of photos spied on Michael Chacon’s blog, the photos leave something to be desired but the tricks speak for themselves

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