instant karma

What a sick fuck, honestly. I think I saw this on prolly‘s first, a video of a teenager purposefully dooring a cyclist then falls into a collision with a parked car. To he honest it seems likely that the teenager may have died from the impact, but in the world of internet it’s going to be difficult to get a definitive answer. I don’t wish death upon someone who does this but I think it’s a case of give and you will receive. caution on this video, it’s a little shocking


2 responses to “instant karma

  1. the kid wasn’t trying to door anybody. he was trying to slap his friend (the cyclist) upside the head. he couldn’t reach out the window since it only opens half-way so he tried opening the door and leaning out of the car. the cyclist swerved towards the car, knocking the door and throwing the kid off balance. the kid broke his face and spent a month in the hospital.

    that’s the straight story. i only know this because i remember trying to get answers on this video 5 years ago when it first popped up.

    the video is f’n hilarious! but i feel kinda bad for everyone involved.

    • interesting. ultimately it’s going to be the kid in the car who is at most fault, probably best to stay inside a moving car and probably best not to ‘slap his friend upside the head’ while he’s cycling
      such a moron, unfortunate though

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