Mission Workshop Rondel

“The dream is real…clips, clipless, straps, platforms, SPD, BMX, MTB. The first shoe to bring them all together. The recessed cleat design means all day comfort for you, silence for your neighbors. The Rondel is a result of a collaboration with our friends at DZR” – from the Mission Workshop Site

The Rondel is only available at a handful of retailers globally, and we are stoked to be one of them! Check out the Rondel in store!


2 responses to “Mission Workshop Rondel

  1. Size 10.5 for me please … and some eggbeaters

  2. I bought mine 3 weeks ago, and they have been pretty good. To start with, they dug into my heels really badly, but I flattened the top of the heel using a pair of pliers and that has helped a lot.

    The guy from Mission Workshop told me that I was the first guy in the UK to buy a pair, so that was pretty cool. I’ve also got one of their bags, and it’s really fantastic.

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