‘Totem’ series by Alaine Delorme

This photo series by Alaine Delorme is awesome. From the somewhat lacking translating power of google I couldn’t make out whether the photo manipulation is limited to colours and contrast etc. or whether the loads have been augmented/completely synthesized, but to be honest, I don’t care that much.
The loads carried by some people in Shanghai on bikes is so incredible I wouldn’t be too surprised if most of these were real, either way they’re beautiful

Alaine Delorme


4 responses to “‘Totem’ series by Alaine Delorme

  1. These are great! You might have missed the little uk flag at the top right

    “Beyond the balance of these compositions, the author breaks the rules of the documentary genre, playing with the edit and the color to present us a type of “augmented reality”, bringing into light the paradoxes of the most dynamic city of China.”

    ‘Shopped then, but still lovely

  2. Thanks for posting, they’re really amazing.

  3. These are great! I love this site

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