today’s trick roundup: video

first up we have the BFF Trick Comp LA edit from ZLOG. It’s shot well, everything is in view nicely and nothing is cut off, a comfortable watch. The editing it also fully watchable, nothing fancy, just right. The tricks are insane, both bmx and fixed freestyle, with some amazing stuff coming from Boothby, Joe and others, seriously you gotta watch it. I also got stoked to see the DJ rocking a 14bikeco Jacob Knill illustration t-shirt, represent!

next up we have an edit from Erik Vehmeyer: Fixed and BMX. Short and sweet, not much else so say, generally quite banging

and finally here’s Tanner’s edit from the September Future Tense event I spotted on ZLOG. It was good to see some serious sprints as well as some more creative events, wheelie slalom and fakie sprints (which look so good!). Then the whole thing is topped off by a good helping of trickery from Tyler Johnson, the Butcher and others, a seriously sick little event!


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