Ostre Kolo

I viewed this video on one of my favourite fixed gear bike blogs Lockedcog. Google translate claims the polish ‘Ostre Kolo’ to mean ‘sharp circle’ but I’m pretty sure a truer translation is fixed gear, and this video documents the hand-assembly of individual parts into a fixed gear bike. The shots are interesting and minimal, focusing on the simplicity of the bike and the care put into building it just right, something I found amazing the first time I encountered fixed gear bikes. Beautifully made, a short that stands out amongst the thousands of fixed gear videos on the net, worth watching even if you (like me) can’t understand a word of polish. Ostre Kolo

2 responses to “Ostre Kolo

  1. HI!!! ostra kolo= fixed gear:) in polish language kolo mean circle or wheel.

  2. Bartek from poland :P

    Nice.I never thought that I would see here a video from poland 😛

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