Greg Falski’s photos from Epping Forest

Greg Falski took some great photos recently at Epping Forest with Juliet and some of the lads, they’re well worth checking out. The stand-out photos for me are of Juliet and Ted, though they’re all great. Only problem is that they make me want to ride properly right now so badly it sucks. I pray to the gods of physio…

5 responses to “Greg Falski’s photos from Epping Forest

  1. So no mention of mixtmeat on here or what???

    • pedantic or what??? I wasn’t trying to avoid mentioning mixtmeat, or fixedgearlondon or charge or anyone at all, I was just posting some of Greg’s photos
      As far as I know Ted and Chris Delia ride for fixedgearlondon and Juliet rides for charge, so there’s jordan and trevor who ride for mixtmeat, right?
      should I post up those guys sponsors as well? Mixtmeat are going to get good coverage because of the shirt ted’s wearing in the photo anyway so what’s the problem?
      I wasn’t trying to take some sort of stab at mixtmeat, at some point people might realise that I don’t give a shit what crew you ride for, just riding a bike is good

      if you enjoy the blog, then that’s great. It gives me a lot of pleasure that people are entertained and hopefully informed by something I spend a huge amount of time and effort into, but if you just want to nit-pick through my posts to find some sort of short-coming then bring it to my attention then that’s not often welcome

      I’m not sure who this is but if you want to talk to me properly about some issues you might have with my posts, maybe drop me an email. mikey (at)

  2. Who is mj??? Mikey I have a problerm, when I see you I will tell you my problerm. Jordan.

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