Beckham goes Brakeless

I spotted this over on The Foot Down and I thought it was pretty funny. “Becks, 35, snapped up a black and red race bike while sons Romeo, Cruz, and Brooklyn chose brightly coloured BMX rides”News of The World

although the article focuses bizarrely on his spectacles I think the bike is far more important. Fixed Gear bikes are slowly becoming more well known to the average kid in England, occasionally you’ll see little tykes rolling around on them (or querying you on the price of your bike and where you got it from and how much it would fetch on the market etc.) but ultimately I think that to have some of Britain’s favourite celebrities showcasing their whips can only be positive to promote fixed gear as a safe, efficient and fun mode of transport. Nice one David


3 responses to “Beckham goes Brakeless

  1. No forking foot retention… You’re gonna DIE!

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