hot, not and somewhere in between

I saw all three of these images over on the pedalmafia blog (which has been churning up some great stuff recently) and thought they were great in very different ways. I’m have no idea how well these forks function but they definitely look teh bomb. Real b ang b ang forks

now normally the whole see-through pvc man thing is not a good look, but it’s brakless AND made of bullet proof glass… yeah still not hot right now, especially with no foot retention (noob i know). I also question the ride height, but it doesn’t look like Jimmy Kuehnle’s particularly bothered about that. I gotta say it does look pretty funny seeing it in traffic, check out more info HERE

and finally this scooter bicycle mashup. seeing as loads of the fixed freestyle guys in america like a bit of scooter action (congo, matt spencer, santos etc.) they might like this idea. wheelie tailwhips? this bike knows no limits. Not sure about the effect on the handling though…


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