my first oscar kahn-rover sighting

Oscar must be stoked on his new signature range rover sport


2 responses to “my first oscar kahn-rover sighting

  1. There’s a bunch of Kahn RRs around here (south Dublin). Not sure who owns them. I haven’t asked as I imagine they’re driven by the kind of people who think Guy Ritchie makes documentaries.

  2. Ive been to the Kahn showroom in Bradford when my dad went to buy his alloys for his Merc C180 from their, its fucking crazy, first of all the car showroom is on the first floor meaning every car gets listed up there on a hydraulic floor. Thats before you even mention the fact their was 2 Lambo Giados, 5 Range Rovers, a few Mercs, an Aston Martin and a few Jags. As were were about to leave Mr Kahn pulled up in his Discovery 4 (spanking new at the time) that was pimped to the max. Such a smart tuning house. I love the Kahn Range Rover Sports, look best in orange.


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