a couple of videos

get hyped for EMPIRE, which is to be playing at the up-coming LA Bicycle Film Festival, and it even has a cool video to promote it – a smooth and fast wheelie from the ed wonka, naice

next up we have some funny and some tricky from Eric Puckett, a 2009 bike check that AJ Austin ‘filmed this in August of 2009 as a joke during a day of riding. After losing it I’ve finally found it a year later’ – interesting to see the progression in terms of set-up (Volume V3 with tiny tyres and such) and those dudes are pretty damn funny too, check it

and finally we have a video from Rapha and Paul Smith – ‘London’. I’m not quite sure why it’s called London but it is, and I don’t really care that much because it’s cool. Also the fact that Mr. Smith comes out on top is a little cheeseeeey but we forgive them that as well.

some of these were spotted at prollyisnotprobably first


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