today’s trick roundup

first up we have an edit from Alfonso G. that I spotted over at Lockedcog. Lots of 180 sliders, hop bars and smoothness, and all spots too! 180 down the 7-stair at 1:20 was sick plus the 180’s up stairs are ridiculous! good stuff

next up we have the ACC Street Riding edit from Sam Erickson that I peeped first at prollyisnotprobably, with sweet riding from Antonyo and Torey holding up the WRAHW, and Taylor Dwight absolutely murdering that wallride, sikatron

and finally, here’s an edit from Hiro – ‘Keo Rock‘. Keo’s still on it with a mix of conventional and more abstract tricks, he’s still doing his own thing which is cool, very smooth flatground maneuvers make for an enjoyable watch, but to be honest I’d love to see him hit more spots!

One response to “today’s trick roundup

  1. Wish I could do half these tricks.


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