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A couple of new ESBs around the shop

So it’s all very exciting we’re just getting the first batch of the new production model tig welded ESBs out of the shop and around the globe for some of those who have preordered and they’re looking sweet! Thanks to Aidan for the photos (I’ll try and make it into the shop tomorrow)

matte black tigged ESB matte black tigged ESB

silver tigged ESB matte silver tigged ESB

Fahrstil magazine

Fahrstil magazine is a German cycling magazine which takes a different approach to documenting cycling, one that is briefly explained in the video below which I spotted at prolly’s, though I’m not sure I totally get it. I mean so the focus is not on the scientifics of cycling, but more on the sentimental or personal connection you feel when cycling. I think… maybe it’s best to just watch the video. Looks like they have plenty of nice photography (the cover is great), but for the articles I hope they release an English version! My German is terrible…

ESB photographed by Marco Vittur

Here is Duncan’s fillet brazed ESB as photographed by Marco Vittur AKA Marco_pepperoni for a small feature in Esquire Mag, nicely done

stijncycles Gent 666

I spotted these beautiful frames from stijn cycles over at Pedal Consumption and I was taken-aback by just how pretty these frames are, the colour with the inner chrome lining is fresh and very effective, good stuff!

stijncycles Gent 666

today’s trick roundup

first up we have some great photos taken by Kevin (Shakes) O’Meara over the ACC period. All the photos in the flickr set are good but two particularly stood out to me, both of Antonyo Wothe, banging

next up we have a short but sweet edit I saw over on tricktrack from FixedLovEtm titled ‘im sO ~@WASTED!!!’. I know what you’re thinking, rad name, but you should watch it for the flowy and smooth grinds, handrail!

and finally we have a photo posted up to the tricktrack ‘action shots‘ thread by Matthew Spencer showing Congo mid-flight en route to the floor, eeeeesh! Hope he’s alright, that looks bad right there

Tony Fast’s new ESB

John Watson took a sweet photo of Tony Fast’s new ESB that he just got through as part of his ‘A Day in 10 Photos‘ post, thanks dude! Oh and Tony what about a quick bike check once you get everything built up and such? love you too

A Day in 10 Photos: 08.29.2010

Kinfolk for Wallpaper* Magazine

I first saw this absolute beauty of a saddle over at prollyisnotprobably, but it has since permeated into other internets, transgressing the online track bike boundaries into design and fashion websites because of it’s strong aesthetic – it’s a corker of a saddle. Kinfolk crafted this saddle for Wallpaper* magazine, who should be stoked, they made a really great job of it!

‘rabit’ and the big bike

I spotted this super cute Black and White up on Brenton Salo’s photostream and I was just like oooohhh yesssss. The grain of the photo, the shades, coffee and leggings, the man staring through the window and the drop bars on the frankenbike, it’s all there. fantastic


couple snaps from fixedgearlondon checkpoint race #2

stupid me I’ve just realised that I wont be able to get the third checkpoint race + sprints photos developed until at least tuesday because of the bank holiday, but I’ve just sorted through me photos from the last one and plopped them on the dice&dice blog. So the way we did it was just straight chilling for a while in the court, and then after rallying eveyone racing (and after waiting at least a good half hour for Felipe’s chain) everybody competing laid their bikes up against the back fence, and proceeded to outside the court. Andy then handed out respective papers and let ’em loose, check it


fixedgearlondon //

Pedalling for Pints

Support Luke Clark and Sam Dell on their mammoth booze fueled trip (they’re always the best) for Wheels for Wellbeing charity – ‘Essentially a 1000 mile pub crawl from John O’ Groats to Land’s End tasting the finest ales Britain has to offer… on a tandem. We’ll be cycling 70-100 miles a day, visiting breweries, camping in pub gardens and blogging along the way (

We’re raising money for Wheels for Wellbeing, a charity who encourages and supports disabled people cycling in London. Everyone that reads the 14 blog knows exactly how much enjoyment cycling brings to them and I think it’s a great chance to help give less-abled people that opportunity…’

drop a hot 10 or 20 over at the donation site ( and support the lads! I couldn’t have thought up a better ride if I tried!