today’s trick roundup

first up, a very nice little short from Seoul Fixed Gear with some smooth and slippery riding from Gm aka Wk (it’s a name if you say it is) that I saw over at lockedcog – fakie hop bar at 0:23 is clean and nippy, blink and you’ll miss it

next up’ we have a sick and ill clip of Teppei’s riding – just one trick, but it’s the best 540 cab I’ve seen on a fixed gear, straight out. I saw it over at Prolly’s

and finally we have a video of Mike Chacon and Rob Dyrdek. Who’d a thunk it eh? Seen over at ZLOG, here’s Dyrdek showing love to the guys at Palm’s Cycles, but to be honest I don’t really get the video, mostly because Rob Dyrdek acts like a massive douchebag. I mean don’t get me wrong he’s an insane skateboarder and all, but impressing the kids with his fly whip and then getting them to chant while you prance around like a Jersey Shore Jesus doesn’t float my boat. Good riding from Chacon here though, that’s a deep crew!

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