‘The Indignity of Traveling by Bus’

Oh, I forgot, one time there were these two total mongs sat by me talking about going on holiday, their conversation went like this:
Him: “I want to go somewhere hot, like Siberia or something.”
Her: “Yeah, it’s f***ing boiling there innit, I’d have to buy a new bikini.”
If there is any better reason not to catch the bus, I’d like to hear it!

Man at The Foot Down had a nice little rant about traveling by bus which I found interesting and uncomfortably relevant to me, seeing as I’m limited to public transport for another 6 WEEKS (ARRRHJAHH). I’m not sure I totally agree with everything said, but I was stoked on someone getting that riiiight off their chest, I feel you brother! go have a read at the original post


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