Although I normally try and keep y’all up to date on my injuries, I’ve somehow neglected to share my recent spills and thrills, though this may be because it’s not that pretty. I’ve managed to score myself a beauty of a Subungual hematoma in my right thumb by getting it trapped between my stem and my top tube when my bars were facing backwards, with the problem being that I have no spacers so the space is about 5mm – I honestly couldn’t even squeeze my little finger into the gap – and I got a massive throbbing blood clot and plenty of pain for about a week (big painkillers ya kna). This meant a trip to the GP and A&E yet again, and I had to pierce the nail with a red hot needle myself to relieve the pressure (they didn’t want to do it) and now my nail is just waiting to fall off; disconnected from the growth plate and being slowly forced out only by the nail growing underneath. Luckily there was no fracture, and I’m not going to show you a photo because it’s really kinda gruesome but here’s a snap from the hospital72080027Oh yeah and I’ve been doing physiotherapy on my left ankle for a few months now following ligament damage from riding, and it has been getting much better, though a few days ago I fell off a trampoline after screwing a backflip 360 and I’ve managed to bum it again really badly. Looks as if I’m not going to be riding for another 6 weeks or so… big bummer

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