brakeless articles – 2010/1987

‘The odd emergency stop is an inescapable fact of life for the cyclist, which is why it seems odd to me that there are thousands of riders in the UK merrily cruising along without brakes. And they are breaking the law.’

‘When traveling at messenger speeds of 25 to 30 miles an hour, the bikes, which are intended for use on oval slanted surfaces like those in the Olympics, are hard to stop. The rider has to stop pedaling and apply backward pressure to the pedals until the back wheel stops spinning and skips up slightly. The Option: To Crash. Usually, the bike then skids up to 20 feet before halting completely. As a last resort, the rider can grab the front wheel with his hand.’

‘The real problem for brakeless riders in the UK could come after an accident. If your bike is not legally roadworthy then any insurance you have could be invalidated, and you could possibly be left open to legal action by any injured parties.’

”’They’re terrible city bikes,” Stuart Taranto, a courier for the Pacesetter service, said. ”I have a hard enough time with good brakes.”’

two interesting articles, and it seems that even after 23 years there are still misconceptions and ill informed opinions floating around on the same subject, though as always with this issue much of it is subjective…
Check them both out HERE and HERE


One response to “brakeless articles – 2010/1987

  1. As a last resort, the rider can grab the front wheel with his hand.


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