today’s trick roundup

I might live to regret this but this batch contains 4 entries. I know, blasphemy

first up we have “skate park day” from Steven Jensen, seen over at ZLOG featuring riding from Steven Jensen, Alex Royal and Kevin Anderson. I was particularly impressed with Alex’s riding, really smooth and flowy, and Steven Jensen destroyed it with tailwhips, lip tricks and grinds to blow minds.

next up we have a super rad photo of Gus Molina spotted over at the WRAHW joint going oververt above the number of the beast. could you get any radder?

photo by Matt Spencer

finally next a sweet edit from Stevo Marco’s first solo edit. I saw him rip in the latest Fixed Cult edit and I didn’t think I’d seen him before – he goes fast, jumps high and likes doing snappy 180’s off things. tight

and finally the Verde BMX UK trip 2010 seen at thecomeup, with the US and UK teams riding together – Dave Thompson (oh god), Kevin Kiraly and Will Stroud plus all the blighty boys going large


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