Helmet PSAs from Ogilvy & Mather

I saw this up on prolly‘s and thought it was strong. These public safety ads made by Taiwanese agency Ogilvy & Mather are not only visually striking but draw on an uncommon perspective, focusing on the peripheral damage of head injuries (which may have been avoided by wearing a helmet) such as the financial strain on the family and the potential life-long commitment to caring for a brain-damaged relative. It does make you think a little. I personally wear a helmet because my parents ask me to, and at first I would do anything to try and get out of wearing it, but that has changed over the last year or so for sure.

4 responses to “Helmet PSAs from Ogilvy & Mather

  1. Singlespeedpunk

    Just remember that helmets are only tested for 12mph crashes or falls from 2m. Kinetic energy increases as a suqare of the speed, crash at 24mph and thats 4 times what the helmet is desinged for. Factor in roational-whiplash injuries they can cause and the fact that if a motor vehicle is involved it;s down to pure luck.

    Not to say they are not worth wearing, just be aware of thier (and your) limits.

    Rant over.


    • I mean I use a skate/bmx style helmet which provides good protection in a variety of accidents, and to wear one in a road situation both boosts many cyclists’ feeling of safety as well as giving basic aid in an accident situation, even if it is only to hold their brain from spilling all over the pavement

      ultimately it’s down to the rider, but you can’t deny that having basic protection is more than no protection. each to their own

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  3. My helmet saved my life. The fact that some riders don’t use a helmet is insane. Simple.

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