here’s a sneak peek at something we’ve had in the works for a while. Although it is fully functional as it is, it’s not yet finished and there are a few details to iron out, but it’s loads of fun. Hopefully it should be fully up and online soon, and there is more info to come. Oh yeah and do you love that dramatic music? I sped up the video because I was slow at clicking stuff whilst trying to hold the camera, and this was the only tune in iMovie that was the same duration as the clip, well that and it’s the ard tune


4 responses to “custom14

  1. Holy sh*t
    hit the internet with that, looking good!

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  3. Can’t send you guys an email – keeps bouncing back,but there is a great Nick Knight pic of London designer Giles Deacon sitting on one of your builds in this months I-D magazine. Really cool photography,design & people.
    Just thought you might like to know or maybe you do already. Either way love your bikes.

    • thanks man, should work, though if not you could email me personally
      do you have the magazine? is there any way you’d scan em and pop ’em over to us? if not I’ll have to find a copy and such
      Giles Deacon is a friend of ours, though I didn’t know about this

      thanks for the heads up!

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