sweet videos from around the internet

first, a short from MACAFRAMA – Jason Clary in the Panhandle. Mix together some rad shots, sweet tunes and editing skills with a hefty handful of fast riding and you’ve got youself a sweet little video right there

next up, murder of couriers trailer 4. I gotta admit at first I thought this was another fixie culture satire video (ha!) must be because those videos are so on point. but seriously this looks really quite interesting. Well, actually I’m split on this video, as there’s some cool stuff in here but there’s also some lame stuff like jayde grenade skidding to actually slow down and mad idiocy at 2:25… not my cup of tea. Anyway, I’d like to see the whole thing

I prefer the last installment in this audio visual trio, Cycle and Run by Kurt Boone, seen over at DOOM. Want a poem by a messenger? here it is


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