sweet things from around the internet

going nuts on the threes tonight, with more to come. First, Tony Z’s bike belt, spotted over at prolly’s – I’m not sure about the real practicality or safety of this belt, but who cares? Made from a vittoria tyre, a Euro-Asia cog, one track chain and a Campy Pista hub flange, awesome. more photos HERE


next up we have something I spotted over at flwrider that made me chuckle, entitled “racing BMX” by ci sun

and finally, how beautiful is this bike?

Seen over at CWMD, this is an amazing restoration job: “You may call it bling but this one year project turned out pretty good. It started with a slightly rusty piece of metal that I got from Italy. Bare steel, never built up since it was manufactured, probably in the 70’s. I decided to go with a classic track setup and be as period correct as possible (to my assumption..) Full campagnolo equipment and a fully chromed, nude, body. The frame has a tight rear and a perky front. It’s super stiff and rides great. The project involved more than ‘just’ chroming the frame. The bars were straightened, refinished and leather clad, saddle chopped, parts polished, pantos painted, decals applied, spokes tied & soldered and all the leather works were dyed to match the old saddle. As a concluding word, I can just say that you will only hand polish one bike frame a lifetime…” – amazing! more info HERE

Erik you have done something excellent, congratulations


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