Customers + Bikes: Alex and the deathwhip

Right so I made up the deathwhip bit but I like it. A little bit of a murder whip right here with the full bluck, Alex is super stoked on it and so are we

alex's bike

alex's bike

alex's bikecustomers and bikes


5 responses to “Customers + Bikes: Alex and the deathwhip

  1. that is absolutely gorgeous. what kind of tubing was used? and what’s the turn around time for a custom frame like this?

  2. uber sweet. would like to see drop bars on it…

  3. What would it cost me to have one of these just like it is? “I like it alot” Thanks.

    • every bike is different and I don’t know the tubing so I can’t say
      you can build up something that looks similar but with cheaper parts and it’d be cheaper, or with more expensive parts and it’d be more expensive, even though it might look the same
      the bikes we build are currently all bespoke and made to order, and if you’re going to have your dream bike then it may as well be your dream bike, not someone else’s
      you can ask john (his email is on the ‘contact’ page) to ask how much this particular build came to as a rough outline of what a build might be with the components fitted here but that’s the best I can do. cheers

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