today’s trick roundup (1)

This is pretty much dirty edit special, some real trick track right here. First we have the ‘Dirtbags: Jesus(Da Boi) & Josh G‘ edit, straight off of the pages of trick track. For the most part the edit is reasonably conventional, quite a lot of flatground and such, a few spots, but I was really imrpressed with Josh G’s riding, 360 off this ledge, clean flat stylings and a long fakie slider at 3:00 – those things really do it for me

next up we have Gagefoo’s ‘Just for Fun‘ edit, this guy films quite a lot, and this edit is pretty much all spots rather then 5 minutes in some flat plaza, which is really important

and finally, here’s Alex Royal’s Butterbean contest edit I saw over at ZLOG, which apparently didn’t make the finalist cut. I guess the reason for that is a slight lack of variety in his riding, as though there are some really nice and creative lines, he tended to stick to stairsets, which he made look totally easy, but he did throw a nice gap in there as well. I actually think this was more deserved than a couple of the finalists…

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