product testings

When our friends at FGGT dropped stickers off at the shop, we found plently of ‘Monster Traps‘ stickers, so I decided to look them up – turns out that they have a range of handmade bags, caps and straps

Monster Traps kindly sent me two styles of straps, one reasonably conventional hold-fast style strap (doesn’t everyone make them?) but more interesting was the other style which I’ve got set up on my bike now. The construction utilizes one D shaped buckle on the inside of the strap which allows the mounting of the strap on your foot at a wedge angle, tough PVC material on the underside which stretches round past where the outside buckle normally is (on the most vulnerable part of any strap) and a large velcro contact area across the foot

They even threw in this sweet hip bag which I’ve been keeping my essentials in, thanks! I’ll get more photos of the straps mounted with a full review once I have ridden them a little longer to test durability and such, but the first impressions are very good: really easy to get in and out of, they keep shape well, don’t require any pulling up over shoe to secure, have tough material in the right places and fit really snug with heavy duty velcro. Monster Traps have new stuff coming out all the time, including this camera bag which looks interesting, be sure to check out their blogspot for new stuff


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