today’s trick roundup (1)

aight so first up we have ‘The Crest Creepers From the Bay to LA‘ featuring the ridings stylings and jumpings of Michael Chacon, Jamil Gray, Jakob Santos and Joshua Boothby in this skatepark-based edit. So much good stuff, I think Jakob really shines in this edit with some huge airs and transfers (180 over the spine was sick) as well as some good technical riding like the hop-bar tire tap at 1:17, though Boothby also killed it with the nosepick out the quarter and 540 on the bank, hella tight! actually nah everyone killed it, sick edit

next up we have a super sick edit from Teppei AKA NASTY with Lowangleworks Korea in Seoul. The filming is really good, and the tricks are super creative – curved tyre slides, 180 to slider all the way down the bank at 2:20, 540 cabs and some amazing fakie timing, NASTY at it again. Get inspired!

and finally, go over to ZLOG to check the finalists of the D.A.M.P. Butterbean sponsorship contest, there are 5 edits to choose from but can only be one winner! check them out and cast your vote

if you ask me personally, there is one clear winner, and the edit was up here very recently, but of course this is my personal opinion, let yours be known by commenting over at ZLOG


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