Olympic track Cycling in Seoul 1988

I saw these beautiful photographs around the 1988 Seoul Olympic Velodrome over at Southsea Fixed Gear Fight Club (SFGFC) and thought they were just super sweet. Each photo is accompanied by a little bit of text of how nztony relates to what you see, and some are really great: “This would be a whole lap and a quarter after I finished. I am slowly winding down so I can get off the bike on the back straight, where my coach will collect me. By now I would have looked up at the giant score board and seen my time and that I was number 1 on the leader board (for now!)”

Getting the Skin Suit zippered up!
Chandler Velodrome Brisbane 1988
1988 Seoul Olympic Games - last few minutes to the start!
Only Seconds Before The Start!
One Lap To Go!
Slowing Down (it takes a couple of laps to slow down)

photos courtesy of nztony, view the complete set HERE


2 responses to “Olympic track Cycling in Seoul 1988

  1. 14bikeco, wow, thank you so much for such an amazing and very kind commentary about my photos and how you liked the captions – I am really really touched and feel very proud. Posting these photos to Flickr has been a real labour of love and its really quite mind blowing, after all this time, to be finding them on blogs etc. And a big thank you for how easily and clearly they are linked back to me.

    • Tony, I absolutely loved these photos, it’s a gift that you have given in posting them online for all to see
      If you have any more of this sort I’d love to see them, though I appreciate how much effort goes into it

      all the best, mikey

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