today’s trick roundup (1)

first we have Nick Johnson’s Summer ’10 Edit. Spotted over at Lockedcog, this video showcases the fast and smooth stylings of Nick Johnson (I think this is the first I’ve seen from him) and it is reaaally smooth. nollie 8-stair, gaps, manual pads and general cleanliness, real good use of spots in this edit, creative too! thumbs up all round

next up, it’s the clip of the moment, Steven Jensen tailwhipping a fixed gear bicycle. Seen originally over at good ol’ ZLOG, it looks like we might be seeing some more of these in the future. I have other things to say about this clip but doesn’t everyone?

and finally, cory kroeger’s new edit. He seems to have kept his setup pretty light whilst many have gone to bigger (heavier) tyres and such, clips&straps, narrow(ish bars) this looks like a weird throwback to the FGFS past with an impressive array of new tricks, hop bars, 360’s, a way not legit wheelie 180 at 0:42 haha loads of good stuff, check it

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