last night’s Mission Workshop opening party

thanks to all who made it last night, between the sausage, burger and mushroom BBQ, strong margaritas, beer, bags and bikes, everyone had a pretty good time. The turnout must have been at least 200, and even early on the real grass set outside the shop was never visible under the hordes of bikes and busy feet

There was food aplently on the barbecue grilled to perfection by our resident australian and barbecue supremo Chris Delia, roastin’ up weisswurst, bratwurst and burgers (tres germanic) as well as tons of big boy mushrooms, which filled the buns of many after the burgers had gone! Oscar also showed that the way to skip the queue is a good olf fashioned bit of flirting

the new stands come seating arrangement blocks (designed by the ever-ingenius Matthew and fabricated with added help Dunny and Bingo – thanks guys!) are a big success, and really helped show off the bikes – needless to say they’re staying! Stolenspace Gallery down the road also had an opening of a new exhibition by Zosen which I visited briefly. I liked the work, primarily the typography though also these two rad woolen balaclavas, and I ended up liking it more and more with the seemingly endless supply of tiger beer

this musical trio arrived just as darkness set on, playing a strange though really quite banging style of music that got the night vibes going real good. Huge thanks for coming!

Massive thanks to Mission Workshop, the extra helping hands around the place and of course to all who made it out! It wouldn’t have been such an on point party without all of you there!


One response to “last night’s Mission Workshop opening party

  1. that whole thing was really fun. thanks london. thanks 14.

    love always,


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