today’s trick roundup (1)

first up we have a short Fuel TV expo on fixed freestyle in Chicago, featuring Antonyo and others in a local park. As well as the standard “you can ride backwards and forwards” stuff, the video showcases some pretty decent riding. Antonyo is styling it out with some nice hops and 180’s, and the dude with the green fork (what’s his name?) rips it with pedal slide g-turns, real clean hop bars and a pretty huge gap towards the end, nice! To be honest I thought the video was reasonably informative, and although I’m not a huge fan of Fuel TV I appreciate the unbiased way that fixed freestyle is portrayed – it will probably get some kids into it too which is good. Anyway enough blab, click the images below to watch the thing

next up is a sweet photo of Jamil busting a 180 at Chicano Park by Matt Lingo, sweet trick nicely documented – I dig the green quite nicely

and finally a PHOENIX edit of HIRO – a quite regular quick edit, primarily flatground with a couple of spots in there. Honestly I’m a little tired of edits purely messing around on the ground, but this guy is good and had some legit spot action in there as well.


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