This bike has started to circulate around the internet, and I gotta say I really don’t feel it. An artist collaboration with Dalek x Hurley x Livery Design Gruppe. super grim – makes me want to Hurley

Then again I’m not really a huge fan of the artwork that the designs were based on, I mean their ability to handle materials and successfully implement a masking method of painting is achieved, but it just doesn’t do it for me. check out a video of the work below

To be honest I think it may just be the colour combination that doesn’t sit right with me, as I actually quite feel one of the other bikes created in this collaboration, the middle blue-themed bike is quite nice, and the overall geometry of the bike seems sweet as nutsss, ah well


2 responses to “euuyych

  1. really dig that set up, nice frame
    but yeh shame about the colours

  2. ‘Artist collaboration’ is an anagram of ‘cash-in bandwagon fixee’.
    Well ok it isn’t but it should be. Vomit inducing.

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