today’s trick roundup (2)

first up we have Wheel Talk III from SLUMWORM“The third installment to the Wheel Talk collection. Featuring Matt Reyes (Slum), Scott Horton, and JeffyD Gonzo (Was in SD, and missed most of the filming). With appearances from Jakob Santos, and Lane Daniels”. Some real smooth riding from the guys, 180 at 3:53 was siiiiick, other good stuff all round throughout the video

next up Swoo‘s Double Rainbow Special‘A quick & fun edit..’ with interesting use of slo mo, something not super common in fixed gear edits… nice stairset and various other things too

and finally, an edit of this year’s King of New York BMX event from James Zanoni. To be honest I hate the editing, it’s super cheapo but the actual riding is ssssserious, so it’s worth watching. Anyone got other King of New York edits?

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