actually there’s enough time for this

the cheeky buggers at ‘create bicycles’ have a photo of our good friend Grace Ladoja by Brenton Salo as the preliminary image in their website’s into sequence. The image used (without consent!) is of Grace sporting a full 14bikeco bike, 14bikeco built, everything! I’m pretty sure them using an image of our bikes to advertise their product is illegal, but I’ve given them a chance to withdraw the photo before we threaten them with any legal action. What is it with these man trying to cat our stuff all of a sudden? jeeeeez. I don’t feel like advertising these poor quality poorly constructed bicycles but it’s worth looking at the intro sequence to see just how uncreative they are! createbikes

gracephoto by Brenton Salo

4 responses to “actually there’s enough time for this

  1. “…actually fixies are almost nothing but fashion.”
    Ummmm really? I beg to differ.

  2. Their catalogs got LOTS of ripped off pictures as well.

  3. Ha! good on you mikey 🙂

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