2012 Felt TK4130

I spotted this one on Prolly‘s, and I dont really have anything important to add onto what he has already said, but I thought it was to interesting not to post. The Felt TK4130 boasts an inch pitch drivetrain (hmmm but kinda cool), a double plated crown, gumwall tyres… All quite interesting, I can see these being popular, but I guess it’s one of those things that the more you see of the exact same bike, the lamer it gets. I mean so say someone buys one, and did I mention that they’re $800? pretty decent. So someone buys one complete, is super stoked on it, and continues to be super stoked on it up until the moment they see someone else riding the exact same bike as them, and they start to lose their personal connection with it. Eventually everyone who has bought one will end up wallowing in despair at their short-lived sense of uniqueness and end up regretting the whole experience – it’s a vicious cycle


2 responses to “2012 Felt TK4130

  1. Are they fake woodgrain rims? eugh

  2. The woodgrain is real, but the rims are aluminum. They look like wood because of the sublimated finish. -SD

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