two weird and wonderful bicycle products

These two stange spots came to me courtesy of meincken, thanks! first up, here’s CYGLO, the ‘night bright tyre‘, which uses “LED bulbs embedded into the tyre tread or wall to form a ring of high powered light to maximise the visibility of cyclists to other road users” – interesting. not sure whether I’d rock these bad boys, with the whole wearing down tyres pretty fast on these here fixed gear bikes and all, but although they look proper silly it seems that the movement of the wheel powers the LED’s, which is pretty cool I guess… “Cyglo Tyre also offers exciting aftermarket coloured and flashing light options for trend setting BMX riders and fashionable mountain bike enthusiasts“… not so sure.

and secondly the ‘BlackTrail BT-01‘ electric bicycle, an $80,000/€59,500 carbon fibre beast capable of reaching 65mph and running for 120-150 miles on a single (leather clad) battery charge from PG bikes. The only PG anything that I know is the teabag company, but it seems that the German PG bikes make some pretty rad stuff, like €12,000 carbon fibre wheelsets and super gross cruisers. Anyway, if you’re interesting in splashing out on this murder’d out g-wizz bike or just want more spec info, head over to the product page

One response to “two weird and wonderful bicycle products

  1. Can it barspin?

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