today’s trick roundup (1)

first up we have Will & Shea: Dirt/Street. I wasn’t mad keen on the music choice, and was that dude wearing jeggings? there’s no hate though, with some nice dirt jumping and sweet street action to boot. “Nothing serious, but it was definitely a ton of fun” – forrreal yo, i enjoyed it!

next up we have a street 26″ edit (FREEWHEEL DISCLAIMER) I saw over at prolly’s. I actually really disliked the artsy fartsy filming and editing on this one, I felt it detracted slightly from the riding, but the riding was still dope, and worth watching it for

and finally, here’s another BMX edit (sorry) but this one is uber sick. seen over at Fish&chipsjapan, the Emulsure August Edit 2010 is totally bangin’, with some real London riding, including some spots I really want to visit. Akin Hercules-Walker destroys it


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