“stolen from my flat staircase on Sunday night. I am completely gutted as it was (and still is i hope) my pride of joy and had just completed the Dunwich Dynamo last week. The thieves had sawed through the staircase and took the bike with the lock still attached to the frame 😦

I have some pics included here,and I have not seen another Trek 5000 in London and Ive had the bike for near 4 years. The stem on the bike was broken during the Dunwich Ride so its now slopped at an angle, which would also make it stand out so may be in for repair.

I will keep an eye on ebay,gumtree and will be down brick lane on saturday/sunday for a look. Any other sites/places i should look at? Since the bike needs to be fixed, I thought i would send it around incase it comes in for repair.

If anyone can help, would be very much appreciated…its really was my pride and joy” Maurice

One response to “stolen

  1. check here, it’s a fab site to help people track down stolen bikes
    I searched trek 5000 and there was one!!!

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