new flickr sucks

having paid for a pro account on flickr, I expect not to be treated like crap. flickr have fully implemented their new photo page which wipes out any scripts (greasemonkey or otherwise) that you may have been running to make your job a whole lot easier. for example, I had a script I created running which allowed me to press a single button on the page of any photo which would give me the code to paste directly into a blog post, with the photo at normal size and aligned to the center of the page. now I don’t have that and I have to go to the ‘all sizes’ page of each photo I want to include, download that photo to my desktop then reupload it to wordpress. what a load of crap. what am i supposed to do? this makes things much more difficult…

8 responses to “new flickr sucks

  1. Try Blogo.

  2. You can get the HTML for the image by going to Share this > Grab the HTML which is just above the image. No need to go to the all sizes page.

    There is a thread here if you wanted to add feedback:



    • but that’s still far more complicated than the solution i had been using previously
      i’ve seen the feedback pages but yahoo/flickr has enough hatemail about it and I’m not wasting any more of my effort on it

      but thanks anyway!

  3. Had you set up the blog as part of the Sharing section in Flickr?

    You can still send images straight into a wordpress blog via Flickr at the click of a button. If you click on the ‘Share This’ button above the image and then ‘Blog This’ in the list of items… You’ve just got to edit the default template that it posts to… Send me an email and i’ll give you a lift if you want?

    I do the same thing for when i’m posting onto my blogs…

    • problem with that way I’ve encountered is being limited to one image per post, plus the fact that use of categories/other more complex features of the wordpress system aren’t included. I just don’t have enough control

      but thanks for the comment

  4. Yes, both of the above solutions work, but why should I have to jump through hoops now when the old Flickr worked like a charm. I’ve had a pro account for 2 years…unless they fix some issues I won’t be renewing it.

    I now do the same with my wp sites…download the pics manually and upload them via wp. Before I could select the size, grab url, then enter alt tags in wp.

  5. I would like to note though that I did find that I could do the same as I would before (choose size and grab url), but have to “grab html” and find my pics actual url within the html code.

  6. The new flickr photo page sucks. What a joke. Thanks for ruining things, flickr staff.

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