today’s trick roundup (1)

first up we have RESIL VILA SUMMER TWENTYTEN – loads of good riding with not much emphasis on the fimling and stuff, which is not a bad thing at all. a little bit of mucking around but otherwise straight riding, a proper edit!

next up, the Gnar-B-Q #3 seen over at lockedcog, with a lot of sick riding from Spencer (right?) in particular, slaying it with the nose manuals, gaps, sliders and other jazz. The audio sync is off which is pretty annoying but apart from that a good, entertaining little edit, with a lot of tom-foolery and FGT basketball. naice

and finally, the Cultur Summer Road Trip videos are starting to be released, with this the first installment. good riding and vibes, enjoyable! I look forward to the consecutive parts


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