now even Honda is hating

Honda are a little ahead of the game in terms of their advertisments, so now it seems that hating on hipsters is the ultimate cool. But only hipsters really hate on hipsters? It’s all catching on in a very backwards way. ride the hate wave

12 responses to “now even Honda is hating

  1. fuck honda+fuck cars watch this.. watson v ratboy


    Complain to these guys I did, I also emailed Honda Australia to complain. I am not a ‘hipster’ or even cool, but I think it is pure nasty when a group in society is bullied so that some company can make a profit. I will also be complaining to Honda Japan, those guys should be able to do something. It is pure disgustingness at its nastiest.

  3. Yeeeeah. That was the beast, I love it.

  4. I’ll tell you how much hipster you can pack in a jazz. None. You ultimately de-hip once you get a fucking Honda. ‘Honda, the car for people who aren’t cool’. Way to fuck yourself over Honda.

  5. Honda is right, leave the fixed gear to the messengers, if you wanna do tricks, you HIPSTES, try it on a BMX! it is a trackbike, not a trickbike!

    • but honda didn’t say anything about tricks, purely fixed gear
      although your comment does add another (if naïve and mindless) perspective, I’m afraid it’s ill informed
      if you want to hate on people having fun on their bikes then you have no business here


  6. but! does the trickster are not the one’s tha rock aerospokes? and wear those tight panties, so mikeymerk you are probably one of those, eh? not hating, just giving advice maybe to try a bmx bike….

    • In a word, no
      Aerospokes are completely useless for trick riding, they are heavy and weak.
      Tight jeans are a personal preference of many bmxers as you would know if you have watched a bmx video in the last 5 years, so tight jeans aren’t specific to people who ride fixed gear bikes at all. If you’re asking whether I own tight jeans or aerospokes I can assure you that I do not. You are most definitely hating and it’s not appreciated, but if you pay attention to a lot of the posts on here and elsewhere concerning fixed gear tricks, there is a general consensus that fixed gear bikes may act as a ‘gateway’ bicycle form. This means that through the attraction of fixed gear bikes as a form of urban transportation people may later be lead to independently try other forms of cycling, so your comments are completely unnecessary

  7. I think his comments are a bit roughish, but make me laugh also, as he is somehow right.!? Gateway bicycle form!? That made me even laugh harder…

    • in an interview with photographers and filmmakers (MASH) Mike Martin and Gabe Morford for the book Fixed – Global Fixed-Gear Bike Culture by Andrew Edwards & Max Leonard state that ‘track bikes are a gateway drug to all forms of cycling’

      from the mishka blog‘While fixed and track bikes might be the gateway drug into cycling for a lot of people there’s still a big population of cyclists that appreciate all forms of riding.’

      from Bike Snob NYC’s post‘fixed-gear was sort of a “gateway drug” for new cyclists, and that once you got hooked you’d eventually explore what the rest of the cycling world had to offer’

      from Bike Blog NYC’s post‘The FGT (Fixed Gear Trend) is definitely the THC of the cycling world in that it’s a total gateway drug’

  8. MASH!? Who is MASH? Some hipster skater dudes, that make money with ideas of others…The film is boring and those guys have a big chip, where? Shoulder! Mash is newschool to me…Just think about who brought the cult! Handa I appreciate your honesty, I think you are right!!! Max and Andrew’s book is good though!

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