Customers + Bikes: Trevor’s custom trick frame

Let me first clarify, this is not the new production model ESB, this is a custom superted build (£1000+), using a similar layout to the ESB but with different length tubes and angles. for this build Ted combined the rear end of a small model ESB to be used with the medium front end, with a steeper headtube angle and a slightly raised BB. Trevor’s currently running 26″ sunringle MTX 33’s and geax tattoo 2.3 tyres. I’ve ridden it briefly and although it’s super sick and hopefully perfect for what Trevor wants to do with it, it’s a one-off and I still wouldn’t hesitate to opt for the classic ESB geometry, I mean don’t get me wrong it’s super ill, like super super ill, but I’d still go with the ESB, the angles and everything are better for me. But it’s all subjective. Anyway, Trevor’s stoked on his new bike and so are we, so without further ado here it is

for more photos check out the new builds 2010 flickr set

oh yeah, and check out Greg Falski’s photo of Trevor and his new whip in action!

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