jeff brown in “Low Budget No Budget”

I spotted this BMX edit over at thecomeupBMX and found it to be super sick (it didn’t fit into my photo edition trick roundup but I thought it was cool enough to post independently). What I found particularly interesting was that a lot of the stunts and maneuvers draw parallels with the trickery done on fixed gear bikes right now, more so than just normal BMX, for example the extended use of riding backwards in lines, the 3 tap / double 3 tap combos at around the minute mark, 180 sliders etc. some inspiration!


3 responses to “jeff brown in “Low Budget No Budget”

  1. this stuff was being done over 20 years ago by rob ridge, a fella from bridport long before fixed was a twinkle in your eye. As for sliders, bob haro 30 years ago.

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