mic-lab spline drive sprocket

I saw these new mic-lab spline drive sprockets on the Chackong bike flickr photostream, and although I can’t seem to find any real information about thm anywhere it’s interesting to think that smaller companies in eastern asia might catch onto the whole (larger tooth count) spline drive sprocket for FGT thing

I’m just wondering whether there will be a considerable quality difference, and right now I’m pretty happy I got one of the Tree light splined sprockets, I’m convinced that with some all bike parts you pay for quality, and if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys making bad quality splined chainrings. It’s still interesting to see it catching on and I’d like to hear from someone that has tried these sprockets. Perhaps they are very well made, and I’m subscribing to the stereotype of poor quality knock-off products coming out of factories in whateveranesia, becuase some of the best quality crafted products available come out of that neck of the woods…

more photos in the mic crew flickr set


2 responses to “mic-lab spline drive sprocket

  1. pay peanuts.. ..get monkeys

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