the work of Dustin Humphrey

I saw Dustin Humphrey on the other day, I thought it was super super good, and it seemed to have enough relevance to bikes in a couple of pictures to put up here. you know what perhaps the coolest thing is? apparently these images are not photomontages, but seriously well coordinated and executed single photographs. mindblowing

some info on ‘D Hump’ c/o Surfing Magazine: “Over the past five years, Humphrey, 31, has established himself as one of the surf-world’s most forward-thinking photographers. Originally from Huntington Beach but now based in Bali, he’s constantly evolving his craft, using different light, experimental equipment, unique angles and the world’s best surfers as his variables. In addition, Humphrey has set a precedent in modern surf travel and documentation, partnering with Taylor Steele on trips to off-the-radar locations like Egypt and Italy. This combination of creativity and impeccable timing has enabled “D Hump” to become one of the most accomplished photographers of the 21st Century.” – cool

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