Brussels C’est La Merckx and Bright Tradeshow catchup (2)

some good things from bright tradeshow now, mainly ripped from the fixedgearlondon post and flickr, both of which are well worth exploring in further detail. from what I’ve gathered, it was super super hot, there was free food and drink pretty much all day (including free sushi!), RIP has been highjacked and sent to go snowboarding in Italy for free, the NIKE SB team ripped hard, Tony Hawk couldn’t stop falling over and everyone has an amazing time. oohhhhh yesss

Juliet also did a nice write up which you can see HERE, and here are a couple of photos i stole from it. she’s also got her own lip gloss! ooh la la

last stuffs courtesy of the bright tradeshow blog!

ill. thanks to everyone involved in making this happen. there’s no way i’m missing any more of these, they are just so so fun

bright tradeshow

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