profile splined chainrings

sorry i didn’t really post properly about it before, but we have a selection of the new profile 7075 Aluminum splined chainrings with hardened CrMo steel 48 spline insert. this allows you to run any 19mm 48 spline crank arms either LHD or RHD (though for some you may need to swap your pedal axles around), which may be useful is your want to run pegs on the right hand side/you just want to be real quirky. we have 36T in Black, 39T in Black and 42T in Black and Silver, so all good sizes to run sprockets from 13t-16t or so to get a reasonable gear ratio. they may not be as cheap as other bmx chainrings but you won’t have the problem of your chainring working itself loose the whole time due to stresses on the fixed gear drivetrain, you can easily run LHD, you can run no-boss cranks and you’ll be the cool guy with spline drive… yeeeeaahh. they’re £70


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