thug attempts to steal bike

so who is this dude, like the game or summin? what a douchebag. here’s one of those videos where the guy filming gets no help from anybody and is just left stranded in the right trying to instill some sense in the thwarted and fearful general public. there are so many clear faceshots of those involved so hopefully the dude can get legal action reasonably easily. i’ma beat you up


4 responses to “thug attempts to steal bike

  1. Un-flippin-believable.

    Makes me angry, but also feel very fortunate that I live in an area where I haven’t had to lock my bike up outside a shop or pub in four years.

    He should have called the police immediately.

    • that’s what i thought, maybe he didnt want the dude to steal his phone as well 😛

      you must live in a damn nice area dude! ridikulus

  2. phenomenal lack of interest from the “security” guards, and outrageous audacity from the bloke who tried to pinch it… but, can’t help but feel the whole thing would have been avoided if he just bought a huge fuck-off lock!

  3. Rat bike only for when your leaving it un atteneded anywhere even at church. I think that guy steals bikes to melt down for his teeth.
    My reply to that guy would have been. “Beat me up,but Im going to smash your teeth out in the process.

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